A vaguely familiar and infectious song that has swept everyone’s heart since October of 2016 is Fake Love. It’s been a while, but the Canadian hip hop recording artist sounds very comfortable in the role that he plays well- the victim. In this song Drake addresses all the fake people around them who pretend to care when all they want is to take his place. The song was co-written by Adam Feeney, Anderson Hernandez, Brittney Hazzard and Drake. It was also produced by Anderson and Adam.

Billboard News

The lyrics of the song focus on people surrounding Drake who appreciate him for his success, but do not care about him. The songwriter and singer is the record holder for the most streamed week ever. Since its debut, Fake Love did not fall below No.24 for an entire six weeks on the OVO Sound Radio program. As of December 2016, Fake Love sat comfortably at No.6 and had amassed more than 110 million Spotify plays. The freshness of the track as well as its present strength has kept the track on the Hot 100 Billboard for a longer time. However when More Life releases, it will also boost the popularity of Fake Love.

Lonely Boy’s Lonely Struggles

A running theme that you will see in Drake’s songs is that he is surrounded by friends who are actually fake. This is mainly because of his popularity and fame which will affect his peer circle and those near him might not be true to him as he would wish them to be. The central concept of Fake Love is being the target of pretenders and in the song Drake calls many frauds and also pinpoints to them (artificially). The song stands out for its thematic similarity to the previous successful songs as well as for the quality of beat.

Four Songs

Maybe it was the pressure of entering a new decade in his life, or maybe it was the grudges that he bore so close to his heart for too long or maybe it was a desire to have the last word. Whatever the reason may be,Drake’s four new songs all convey one single meaning of how he is surrounded by fake people. The songs are Two Birds, One Stone, Fake Love, Sneakin’ and Wanna Know. Though there are a lot of arguments about how good the song it, it cannot be ignored that the song has a powerful hold on the listeners which has eventually made its way to the Hot 100 Billboard.

The fact that Drake has once again chosen to sing about how lonely he is amidst people who pretend to be his friends, is a bit disappointing. However, it seems like it is this genre of songs that gets him noticed as he sings to a familiar beat. You can listen to the fake love drake mp3 online or download it for free. To know more about the song, you could also check out fake love drake review.


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It’s been a long wait, but it is totally worth it. Rihanna’s 8th album ‘Anti’ released in 2016. It was produced and written by Rihanna and Joseph Angel. Inspired by the music of 1960s and 1950s, the song “Love on the Bird” is a soul ballad and doo-wop inspiration that comprises of a simple chord progressing, swirling organ, orchestra and guitar arpeggio. The song seems to swing to and from the lows and highs of toxic love. The album is meant to be different when compared with the previous albums and has been wildly successful. Anti is certified double platinum in the month of may. Rihanna even tweeted a link where you can download.


Rihanna’s Barbadian accent is stronger than ever in the song “Love on the Brain” as she starts off the song with consideration that will arrest your attention almost immediately. Borrowing Kate Bush-style vocals bob and Sza’s other worldly voice the album keeps you enticed from the start till the end. Anti comprises of songs like kiss it better, James Joint, Work, Woo, Desperado, Same old mistakes, never ending, yeah I said it, needed me, consideration, close to you, higher and most importantly love on the brain.

Billboard Hot 100

The song is a huge sensational hit around the world with more emphasis on how unusual the song is. The singer showcases a vocal that has been before been head from her, going to and from Beyonce-style vocal acrobatics, Mariah Cary high notes and also her trademark snarl. The romantic string arrangements and the rolling organ are offset by lyrics that are darker than the night which sounds like Rihanna’s version of a violent lover. This song is Rihanna has landed her the 6th spot on Billboard Hot 100, making it her 30th top-ten single. It is also the first song that was commissioned for the album ‘Anti’.


The song’s vocal production was handled by Kuk Harrell, an American producer while the drums and keyboards were supplied by Angle and Ball. Finally mixing was done by Manny Marroquin along with mixing assistants Ike Schultzz, Jeff Jackson and Chris Galland. The soulful ballad sung by Rihanna finds her voice at the best ever. Breaking Michael Jackson’s tie for the third place, Rihanna is the third artist with the most top-ten singles. During the Anti World Tour, Rihanna included singing this song.  The season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy featured Love on the Brain on May 19th, 2016.

Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, actress and songwriter who rose to fame in 2005 with her debut studio album. Since then she released A Girl like Me in 2006 which was closely followed in 2007 by Good Girl Gone Bad which gave her an international breakthrough with the song Umbrella. She was recognized as a pop icon and her sales of songs exceed 230 million records around the world. In 2012, she was named as the 4th most powerful celebrity by Forbes.  You can download Love on the Brain mp3 and read the Love on the Brain review to know more about the song.

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English singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran’s greatest hit is “Shape of you”. The song is a lead single in the singer’s third album and was released on the 6th of January in 2017. A teaser of the song was released on 4th of January lasting a full six-seconds with the first line of the release after which the entire song was released on 6th of January. On an interview at ‘The Radio 1 Breakfast Show’, the singer revealed that the song was originally written for Rihanna but later on decided to sing it himself, halfway through through it. He also stated that this song was the last to be finished and he wasn’t sure about it going on the album, but ultimately the final decision to include it in the album really paid off.


A remix of the song was premiered at the 2017 Brit Awards when Sheeran and Stormzy collaborated live on 22nd February 2017 at The O2. The song was officially released after two days, on February 24th. Before the big show, Sheeran had drops hints about his surprise number in the BBC Radio 1 interview and many remixes were later released on 24th of January on digital music services. The remix was spotted No.1 on The Vodafone Big Top 40.

Billboard Hot 100

The album also consisted of the song “Castle on the Hill” which debuted at number one, followed by his other single “Shape of You” on the Scottish Singles Chart. The song “Shape of You” was also certified Gold for selling 400,000 units in the second week and silver for selling 200,000 units in the first week. Ed Sheeran is the only artist whose two debut songs have remained in the top 10 the same week. During its debut week in the US, the song recorded at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, with more than 20 million streams and 240,000 downloads. It was also certified gold in France after its debut there.


A lyric video for “Shape of You” was also released on YouTube which was viewed by more than 400 million views as of 11th March 2017. The official music video for the song was released on 30th of January 2017 starring model and dancer Jennie Pegouskie along with Yamamotoyama Ryuta, retired professional sumo wrestler, which was also released on Sheeran’s YouTube channel which amassed over 300 million views.

Sheeran’s second album was dedicated towards a hip-hop floavoured, edgier songcraft that was circled by darker lyrics about hard-partying ways and cheating exes. Three year later Sheeran is back with a bang with his third album that has swept everyone off their feet. “Shape of You” pays tribute to the hypnotic guitar looping that he is very fond of. Singing the song himself was a good move in Sheeran’s part as he proves that he is the hard-partying Casanova that he sings about. You can download the shape of you mp3 online. You can also read about the shape of you review online and learn more about the song.

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What comes to your mind when someone say’s music industry? Which specific Geolocation does it occur to you? United Stated! That’s right. With 1000’s of songs composed and released every week in USA alone. Most of the famous music labels are suited in USA. In fact, Justin Bieber had to fly down to USA to get a break!  Having said that, getting versatile with the music industry is quite moderate. It is quite mainstream with ever increasing digital presence. There are research papers on how music industry evolved in digital era. It has become more reachable and available for artists to get connected to their audience. There are famous digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and more over YouTube is prominently increasing with its massive audience base.

Billboard determines the top songs of the week, month , year and decade. They hand over awards as well. Music awards are one of the much awaited events. Billboard and fans play a vital role in determining their favorite artists.  Here are some artists that are well know and quite sold for their specific genre and pretty famous all around the world. Taylor swift, The Beetles, Guns and Roses, Eminem, BVB, Madonna, Lady gaga, Backstreet boys and so on.

According to Wikipedia, we have this valuation of 4,898.3 million dollars in 2014. Another study shows the origin of following genres due to the migration of foreigners in USA – Folk, the bluegrass, old-time music, gospel music, Hawaiian music ETC.

Public access shows famous songs of all time USA –  Biggest selling of all time:

  • “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby
  • “Candle in the Wind 1997″/”Something About the Way You Look Tonight” by Elton John
  • “Silent Night” by Bing Crosby

Who is the biggest selling artist of all time?

  • The Beatles
  • Elvis Presley
  • Michael Jackson
  • Madonna
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Make all your hearts closer to come closer whenever you hear this song

Through the songs you can able to express your love and your happiness to the others easily and the song are the one of the boost that everyone can have it in their life to divert their mind set and it act as an convertor of sad to happy and happy to sad moments. Is also an act as your mom who makes you to sleep with the help of the melodious songs and the songs would be the best companion for you in the entire necessary place which you need and it would travel along with the whole day and till the night and your feelings can be only expressed through the words and your words would give you the peace of the mind. The closer mp3 song is the one of the top most song which expresses the value of the love and the pain that you would face when you miss your love.

  • It gives you a pain in your heart so you would feel to have a drink and engage your mind to divert from her but you can’t.
  • Your mind knows that she is not your girl now but your heart would still long for her love.

The closer 720p song was fully filled with the emotion of the love and how much you miss her in the life and the each line in the song would indicate the present situation where you heart rejects to accept that she is your ex girl friend.

  • In the party your meet her and she is enjoying with her friend so by seeing that you float in the drinks.
  • But you yourself convince that you are normal and try to convince all friends around you.

Only those lovely moments can be given by you

Within few seconds your mind would thing about your past happy life when you both are lover and you can feel all the pleasant moments in the rest half of the closer mp3 song and it would travel more closely to your heart and again gives you the pain of the love. It would acts as the mirror where it would express you where happy with your ex girl friend and this song would call you to the world of sorry where you would realize and miss your girl friend. Your girl friend could able to go away from you.

  • Her care towards you in the past life is real.
  • Her love towards you is the real.
  • You both were sharing all your life along with her.
  • She made her normal day as the special ones through her presence.
  • She takes care of you in all the situations.

But now you and your ex girl friend are separated due to the lot of reason behind it and the chain smokers song would entirely stole heart and make you to realize how much you are closer towards her through the closer 720p song and whenever you hear this song it would call you to the past happy life and calls back to the present situation again.

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Songs are the best companion for you when you feel bored or when you feel lonely and there is lot of songs that are available for you which suits for all the events. Even when you cannot able to sleep those times when you hear the melodious song then sure you would fall asleep soon. When you want to hear the rocking songs then you can hear through the bounce back mp3 song which would make you to feel happy and it helps to divert your mind from the stress. The bounce back would help you to back up your life from the first and to enjoy your life from the starting point without having any stress or worries. The bounce back 720p would teach you all the things about your life and to face your life in the strong and to approach your life in the positive manner.

  • You’re all the bad feeling would always go away from you so that you can be happy always.
  • The other people can able to make you to feel better if you spend time to talk with them.
  • Then unhelpful things would put you into the worry and it would upset your mindset.
  • In this world no one is hundred person and the mistakes help you to learn a lot of things. So try to make more mistakes and to start learning from it.
  • Just concentrate all only the good things and just have a laugh with your friends and enjoy your life always.
  • Everybody would feels sad and worried sometimes but that worries should not rule your whole life.

Come back with the same spirit

This bonus back mp3 song always motivates you in all your problems in your life and helps you to move forward in the life with the courage to face your life.

  • You just blame fairly for what the others things happened to you and for the others and let all the bad luck run away from your life.
  • Accept all the things which change only the things which you want and don’t try to change the things which you cannot.
  • Catastrophising the exaggerates all your worries and don’t believe all the worst things that would happened for that may happen in your life.
  • Always keep the things in the perspective and it is also the one part of your life where you have to follow them.

If you want to give relieve to your mind then you can hear the big sean song and he is the one who had started his life from the level zero and now he is the one of the top most hip up singer and twenty eight song had been nominated for the awards and nine among them had won the awards in the various places and his songs would always motivate the person and to make them to think positively always and when you feel stressed then you can hear your bounce back 720p song.

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“Bad Things” is a song given by American rapper Machine Gun Kelly and Camilla Cabello who is a Cuban-American singer. This song was officially released on 14th October of 2016 and it was produced by “The Futuristic”.  Hannah Lux Davis directed the music video of this song and released it on 1st December of 2016. This single song has reached a peak and positioned number five on the US Billboard chart. The feature of this song is an exclamation of Fastball‘s 1999 of single “Out of My Head“. The song is all about the sexually charged relationship between a guy from the wrong side of the track and a good girl, whereas the feelings of the girl towards her bad lover was sung by Camilla Cabello and the bad boy’s  dark and pleasurable things he will do for her was sung by the rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Bad things MP3:

This MP3 song is unbelievable and the listener of this song can’t explain about his/ her feelings towards this song because the song speaks itself. The bad things mp3 lyrics make the song more attractive and listenable. Right from the release date of this romantic song is getting really a great popularity and fame, this is the reason why it has reached about 10 million views and more than 193 likes till now but it is not the end because this song is spreading like a jungle fire. The song was pleasant to hear and the rapping makes the song more interesting to hear along with the sweet voice expressing the feelings of the girl.

Bad things 720:

The bad things 720 video song starts with the nice mountain area and hills that will give you a pleasant natural feel. After that the video turns towards the sweet young voice of Camilla Cabello along with that she will be playing Guitar in her hands. Then next comes the thing which will be loved by all of us, yes! It’s the rapping of Machine Gun Kelly.

A great rapping has been done by Machine Gun Kelly and once you enter into the middle of the song then, the things in it gets more interesting when both of the singers join their sweet voice that will add a perfect tone to this song. As already mentioned above, this song was released few months ago and already it has got a huge number of views and number of likes in a few months. So just think that, how many likes this song will get in next few months.

Next coming to the lyrics, it touches the hip –hop and the pop touch throughout the song. Particularly the pop area is covered by Camilla Cabello whereas the rapping dimension was perfectly done by Machine Gun Kelly. The song lyrics consist of some kind of remembering memories and some kind of bad things throughout the song which will make the song more fascinating and pleasant to listen.

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There are numerous ways you can pay attention to your preferred music without acquiring CD’s any longer. Whatever from terrestrial radio to the newly hyped satellite radio provides you the very best music around. If you desire to get the largest range of music, online radios in United States are the way to go.

Benefits of Online Radio:

There are numerous benefits to online radio stations over other type of music source. As the web has continued to develop, web radio has ended up being significantly popular. While it has stiff competitors with terrestrial radio and satellite radio, it is growing at a constant rate and has started to develop a heavy listener base.

Online radio provides you the chance to listen anywhere you have a computer. By doing this you can listen at work, in your home, or on the road while taking a trip. You are not restricted to generating a real radio to work or having a radio in the house.

Because there is no subscription charge of any sort, one of the key factors so many people choose it over other options is. You can hop onto your computer and pay attention to music whenever you desire without investing a cent. Satellite radio can be quite pricey simply to pay attention to music.

Another huge benefit to radio on the web is the wide range you have to pick from. There are numerous stations to pick from providing practically any music you can consider. By doing this you can pay attention to precisely what you desire instead of being restricted to what the other forms of radio have to provide.

When you are taking a trip with other radio stations, typically times you will find there is no signal to specific stations. Online radio stations always have a favorable signal and will have no disturbance whatsoever to fret about. As long as you have a web connection you will have a clear signal.

Among the most frustrating aspects to standard radio is the continuous commercials that are played. It is even worse listening to commercials on the radio if it were not enough we have to see them on the tv. Online radio stations enable you to get far from commercials and simply pay attention to your preferred music. There are numerous stations that are One Hundred Percent commercial free.

With the web you can listen to radio stations that are relayed worldwide. This is something that satellite and terrestrial radio stations are definitely restricted to. This is gotten in touch with that you have even more options to select from. It opens up the type of music you have available to you and permits you to expand your horizon.

When it comes to listening to your preferred music, hands down online radio stations are the way to go. You have a variety to pick from, it will not cost you a cent, and you can access the music from anywhere all over the world. This makes it a simple and practical way to pay attention to all the most popular music around.

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