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“Bad Things” is a song given by American rapper Machine Gun Kelly and Camilla Cabello who is a Cuban-American singer. This song was officially released on 14th October of 2016 and it was produced by “The Futuristic”.  Hannah Lux Davis directed the music video of this song and released it on 1st December of 2016. This single song has reached a peak and positioned number five on the US Billboard chart. The feature of this song is an exclamation of Fastball‘s 1999 of single “Out of My Head“. The song is all about the sexually charged relationship between a guy from the wrong side of the track and a good girl, whereas the feelings of the girl towards her bad lover was sung by Camilla Cabello and the bad boy’s  dark and pleasurable things he will do for her was sung by the rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Bad things MP3:

This MP3 song is unbelievable and the listener of this song can’t explain about his/ her feelings towards this song because the song speaks itself. The bad things mp3 lyrics make the song more attractive and listenable. Right from the release date of this romantic song is getting really a great popularity and fame, this is the reason why it has reached about 10 million views and more than 193 likes till now but it is not the end because this song is spreading like a jungle fire. The song was pleasant to hear and the rapping makes the song more interesting to hear along with the sweet voice expressing the feelings of the girl.

Bad things 720:

The bad things 720 video song starts with the nice mountain area and hills that will give you a pleasant natural feel. After that the video turns towards the sweet young voice of Camilla Cabello along with that she will be playing Guitar in her hands. Then next comes the thing which will be loved by all of us, yes! It’s the rapping of Machine Gun Kelly.

A great rapping has been done by Machine Gun Kelly and once you enter into the middle of the song then, the things in it gets more interesting when both of the singers join their sweet voice that will add a perfect tone to this song. As already mentioned above, this song was released few months ago and already it has got a huge number of views and number of likes in a few months. So just think that, how many likes this song will get in next few months.

Next coming to the lyrics, it touches the hip –hop and the pop touch throughout the song. Particularly the pop area is covered by Camilla Cabello whereas the rapping dimension was perfectly done by Machine Gun Kelly. The song lyrics consist of some kind of remembering memories and some kind of bad things throughout the song which will make the song more fascinating and pleasant to listen.

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