A vaguely familiar and infectious song that has swept everyone’s heart since October of 2016 is Fake Love. It’s been a while, but the Canadian hip hop recording artist sounds very comfortable in the role that he plays well- the victim. In this song Drake addresses all the fake people around them who pretend to care when all they want is to take his place. The song was co-written by Adam Feeney, Anderson Hernandez, Brittney Hazzard and Drake. It was also produced by Anderson and Adam.

Billboard News

The lyrics of the song focus on people surrounding Drake who appreciate him for his success, but do not care about him. The songwriter and singer is the record holder for the most streamed week ever. Since its debut, Fake Love did not fall below No.24 for an entire six weeks on the OVO Sound Radio program. As of December 2016, Fake Love sat comfortably at No.6 and had amassed more than 110 million Spotify plays. The freshness of the track as well as its present strength has kept the track on the Hot 100 Billboard for a longer time. However when More Life releases, it will also boost the popularity of Fake Love.

Lonely Boy’s Lonely Struggles

A running theme that you will see in Drake’s songs is that he is surrounded by friends who are actually fake. This is mainly because of his popularity and fame which will affect his peer circle and those near him might not be true to him as he would wish them to be. The central concept of Fake Love is being the target of pretenders and in the song Drake calls many frauds and also pinpoints to them (artificially). The song stands out for its thematic similarity to the previous successful songs as well as for the quality of beat.

Four Songs

Maybe it was the pressure of entering a new decade in his life, or maybe it was the grudges that he bore so close to his heart for too long or maybe it was a desire to have the last word. Whatever the reason may be,Drake’s four new songs all convey one single meaning of how he is surrounded by fake people. The songs are Two Birds, One Stone, Fake Love, Sneakin’ and Wanna Know. Though there are a lot of arguments about how good the song it, it cannot be ignored that the song has a powerful hold on the listeners which has eventually made its way to the Hot 100 Billboard.

The fact that Drake has once again chosen to sing about how lonely he is amidst people who pretend to be his friends, is a bit disappointing. However, it seems like it is this genre of songs that gets him noticed as he sings to a familiar beat. You can listen to the fake love drake mp3 online or download it for free. To know more about the song, you could also check out fake love drake review.


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